A revolutionary, next-generation model for financial services.

Based on the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain

Current Price: 1 ETH = 1500 WTY + 40% bonus


Softcap: 80,000 ETH

Hardcap: 700,000 ETH


We are a team of dedicated entrepreneurs, engineers and like-minded people who think we can build something that can benefit everyone .We have almost finished building a cryptocurrency trading platform and will build on it to create the next generation of warranty and crypto banking services.

We anticipate a great interest in these new initiatives and a substantial return on investment by expanding our services onto a decentralized network. We will offer cryptographically secure operations, and will empower our stakeholders to open the possibility an entire economy that can be built around them.


This is how we plan to raise funds using the digital asset, the token for us - the Warranty Coin.


The warranty coin will be the global blockchain platform for trading, warranty and crypto banking. We will be secure by design and will be backed by team who will make it in to a fortress. We hold the key to the next generation of trust less security and we will make it available to everyone.


A decentralized platform eliminates the intermediary. Trades and transaction occur between the customer and the vendor. When it comes to trading, we will provide access to every nook and corner of the world. When it comes to warranty we will partner all industries. When it Comes to crypto banking no one will be left out.


There will be a web wallet and a mobile wallet. The web wallet will have all the tools to connect globally. The mobile wallet is an interface for mobile (iOS, Android) users that provides them with quick access to their balances.It will let them transact with other users/merchants, and will have a built in module to collect bio metric user data.


First Round

  • Start Date: June 25
  • End Date: July 25
  • Token price: 0000

Second Round

  • Start Date: July 29
  • End Date: August 31
  • Token price: 0000

Third Round

  • Start Date: August 25
  • End Date: October 25
  • Token price: 0000

Final Round

  • Start Date: October 25
  • End Date: November 25
  • Token price: 0000

Warranty Coin

A revolutionary, next-generation model for financial services.

Our Team

Our team of professionals are committed, and will make it happen for you.
Alan Gellangarin

Alan Gellangarin

Founder / CEO

BSCompE, Founder - Warranty Coin , IT Technical Support , Co- Founder - IT Software Development

James Henderson

James Henderson

Co-Founder / CTO

Co-Founder/CTO - Warranty Coin / Blockchain & ICO Advisor / IT Consultant / Online Marketing / Social Media

Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller

Software Developer

Software Developer - Warranty Coin / Full Stack Developer, Scientist, CEO of Grumpy Goat Studio

Ashley Stephens

Ashley Stephens

Marketing / Social Media

Marketer/ Social Media, Email Marketing, Pr and Blogging, CTO- iMago Promos, Co-Founder- Hermosa Promos

Naviin Kapoor

Naviin Kapoor

Project Manager

Digitization | Blockchain ICO Advisor | Project Management | Business Analysis | Fintech | Business Transformation

Lilian Yu

Lilian Yu

China/Taiwan ICO Advisor

China/Taiwan ICO Advisor - Warranty Coin / ICO Advisor / Social Media Marketer and Advertising

Sanchita Shekhar

Sanchita Shekhar

Social Media Marketer

Warranty Coin Social Media Marketer

Road Map

We have almost completed the Exchange platform. Our coordinated road map is given below.

Website Launch

The launch of the Warranty Coin website

March 2018


Team Building

Security Exchange Compliance,Team Building

April 2018


Pre-ICO Launch


Jun 25, 2018


Exchange Platform Development


Nov 2018


Product Launch

Product launch: Exchange platform + trading app

January 2019


Expand Globally

Global expansion in two directions: to underdeveloped regions and to cities that are crucial to modern business

February 2019


Mining Launch

Start of the mining venture involving global players and decentralization

April 2019

Stay In Touch

Frequently Asked Questions

We are building something real and will make it happen. Unlike other lending/investment cryptocurrency program we believe withholding investor’s money to be unethical so we will give our investors the chance to stake/invest at any time.

Coins and Tokens are listed on Authorize Exchange and you can have access to all of those financial products through the mobile app. Special releases will take place for each new financial product offered by Warranty Coin.

Trading is subject to the contract specifications of each asset listed on Authorize Exchange. An ICO may have a minimum investment amount.

As soon as you purchase a financial asset on WarrantyCoin Authorize Exchange, it’ll be transferred into your personal Wallet. The delivery or the distribution of any rewards or other benefits of a token is subject to the terms and conditions of each financial asset.

You may send a direct request to us and a manager from our ICO team will contact you.

That is subject to the complexity of the project and the services required. It is recommended to spend sufficient time in community building for a successful ICO. But we will stick to our agenda.

We have a futuristic agenda and our scope includes financial services. Data security of our users is our priority and we will make use of cryptography to achieve this.

Our scope will be broader by investing in a lower rate is the best time to make money and trading . We will get more investors/buyers/partners involved to increase the value of ICO. The financial services platform is novel. The users will pay us for transactions processed, but these fees will be much lower than the market rates of today.


Our staff includes some of the most experienced cryptoeconomics experts and engineers. We are dedicated in building Warranty Coin to what it deserves to be and will take you along with us.